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Post Partum Set
Post Partum Set

Post Partum Set

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Made by a momma for new mommas!

Every one brings gifts for baby but not many think about the after care for a momma after bringing that bundle into the world! The after care is not so glamorous! So I have compiled a set of all the things I needed after having my own children!

Each set is made up of:

1 single bath Herbal Sitz Bath which aids in healing after having the little

1 Peri Spray which is calming and cooling and the same at the Tucks pads. I poured this on pads and froze them.

1 Nipple balm that is lanolin free and doesn't require being wiped off after each use because who has time for things like that!

1 Lip Balm because that little bundle takes everything out of you including the moisture in your lips.

1 1 oz Desert Pain Balm great to rub on the lower back or shoulders to help the muscle tension from breast feeding or other body aches.