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Sick Day Bath Soak Set
Sick Day Bath Soak Set

Sick Day Bath Soak Set

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This Set is designed with any sick day in mind. Each soak is chosen to help aid in the things that normally accompany not feeling well; Lack of sleep, head aches, stuffy noses, and achy muscles, even dry itchy skin!
This set is great to send to someone who needs a bit of a recovery care package! Or grab for yourself to keep on hand for those days you really don't feel well! This set is also great inside your Airbnbs or guest bathrooms to offer a single soak option for your guests in case they find themselves in need of therapeutic bath during their stay!
Simply pick the soak that suits what ails you, warm your bath to your desired temperature, then put the soak into the bath or hang it from the faucet as it runs ( the sachet helps contain the mess of the soak for you or you can pour out the soak in your bath the choice is yours! Turn on your wax warmer in your bathroom pop in a few melts and set the mood for flameless relaxation! and Let the day melt away!
Included in this set:
Single bath Breathe Easy Salt Soak
Single Bath Sleepy Time Soak
Single Bath Black is the New Pink Detox Salt Soak
Single Bath Migraine Herbal Bath Soak
Single Bath Cool Down Salt soak for achy muscles
Single Bath Soothing Oatmeal Soak for itchy or distressed skin
1 Wax Melt Hand Poured by The Dainty Blossom Co.
Choose from
Lavender Sage
Colorado Pine
Road Trip