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Men's Face and Body Set
Men's Face and Body Set

Men's Face and Body Set

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an unBEARably perfect set for the man in your life! 

Each Set Contains:

1 Soap

1 1 oz Beard Balm

1 solid wood beard comb

* the beard comb is chosen at random and may not look like the one pictured


Alpine Bentonite Clarifying Soap

Made with pH balancing goat's milk and amplified with magnetic bentonite clay from Wyoming, that loves to pull out impurities from the skin. So wash your face and body knowing that even though you are pulling the impurities out you are replacing it with all things good! 

Ingredients: Goat's milk soap, coconut oil, Bentonite Clay, essential oils: Pine, cypress, peppermint
Midnight Moon Charcoal Clarifying Soap
Made with pH balancing goat's milk and amplified with Activated Coconut Charcoal helps rid skin of impurities.
Ingredients: Goat's milk soap, Jojoba oil, Activated coconut charcoal, essential oils: Frankincense, Cedarwood, Copiaba

Cedarwood or Alpine Oatmeal Soap Scrub
 pH balancing, naturally moisturizing, and also a gentle natural exfoliant. Mixed with raw honey that leaves a protective layer due to it being a natural humectant ( brings moisture to your skin and locks it in) Honey also is a natural antimicrobial! On top of these lovely benefits the sugar in the honey helps add to the lather in the soap. Combined with ground oatmeal to give your skin a gentle scrub making it great for most dry skin conditions helping to sluff off the dry top layer while moisturizing and protecting the new layer underneath.
A woodsy scent of pine, cypress and peppermint
A woodsy scent great for caring for you skin
Goat's Milk Soap, Honey, Steel Cut Oats, Essential Oils
Cedarwood (Cedarwood, copiaba, clove)
Alpine (Pine, Cypress, Peppermint)